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Practical Training and Consult Company Limited

The Practical Training Institute was founded by Mr. Paiboon Luanwarawat, aimed at developing professional skills of employees from various organizations in Thailand and abroad. The Institute also provides consultancy services for small, medium and large enterprises to continue and excel in the current highly competitive markets.

The New Training & Seminar

The Institute has the pleasure of presenting new approaches to training as follows:

Relieve interested organizations’ concern

of selecting the wrong speaker by allowing prospective clients to observe the Institute’s training during another seminar prior to entering an agreement.

Lessen the risk

of having an unsuitable training program by customizing the contents to be in line with the knowledge required.

Elevate training standards

by encouraging attendants to actively participate in the program and to apply the newly acquired knowledge into their work.

Build clients’ confidence

by guaranteeing the quality of the trainings provided.

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