Training Courses

Courses by Practical Training


our courses cover the following are as:

Sales & Customer Service

  1. How to present products to create sales volume and profits
  2. Personality improvement to succeed in sales
  3. The art of communication and building impressions when dealing with clients
  4. How to drive sales volume to achieve set goals
  5. Impressive and sales generating service
  6. Successfully problem solving & decision making
  7. Effective telesales
  8. Key account management
  9. Retail management
  10. Sales counselor
  11. Clients’ real needs

Sales & Profit Generating Marketing

12. Building sales opportunities by developing know-how to analyze the market, clients and competitors.

13. Techniques on applying marketing tools effectively

14. IMCs

15. Customer Relations Management

16. Building distinctive characteristics of a product.

17. How to convince client’s successfully

18. Techniques on building absolute negotiation power.


*** Details of each course are available on request

*** Contents of each course can be adjusted to be in line with each organization’s requirements



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