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Now! It is free to take counsel with our institution. We also help you to make a plan of seminars in sales, marketing, convincing and negociation with free of charge.
   Reference Companies

Here is a list of companies that we provided training/seminars.

  TOT Public Company Limited   Telecommunication Market Analysis
  CAT Telecom Public Co., Ltd.   Sales Techniques and Customer Convincing
  KONE Thai Life PCL Co., Ltd.   Customer Relationship Management
  Thai Gypsum Product PLC Company   Sales Techniques and Management
  Esso (Thailand) Public Company   Sales Techniques and Management
  Kao Commercial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Proactive Selling
  True Corporation Public Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional and Negociation
  Loxley Trading Co., Ltd.   Sales Management Achievement and Sales Professional
  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Co., Ltd.   Sales Techniques and Modern Marketing
  Panasonic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  Virgin Bec-Tero Radio (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional
  Honda Leasing Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Advanced Info Service Inc.   Negotiation Techniques
  Total Access Communication Public Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  Thai Insurance Co., Ltd.   Selling and Persuasion Techniques
  Asia Insurance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Sales Techniques
  Safty Insurance Public Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  Thai Reinsurance Public Co., Ltd.   Persuasion and Negotiation Techniques
  Se-Education Public Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional
  Bangkok Glass Industry Co., Ltd.   Customer Relationship Management
  Lenso Wheel Co., Ltd.   6 Courses on Being to Sales Professional
  Tata Steel (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.   Customer Convincing and Art of Negotiation
  A member Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional
  Motorola (Thailand) Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  True Vision Co., Ltd.   Sales Management
  Hafele (Thailand) Ltd.   Techniques of Sales Professional
  Morakot Industry Public Co., Ltd   Marketing for Sales, Selling Techniques
  Mitrphol Sugar Corporation Ltd.   Sales Techniques, Communication and Customers Convincing
  Preuksa Real Estate Public Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Honda Bangkaeng Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Kasikornthai Bank   Principles of Marketing
  Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Ltd.   Sales Management Achievement and Sales Professional
  nForce Security System Ap Co., Ltd.   Customer Relationship Management
  Behn Mayer Co., Ltd.   Persuasion and Negotiation Technique, Selling Techniques
  NC Housing Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional
  Bualuang Securities Co., Ltd.   Problem-Solving Skills and Decision Making
  SDS Kerr Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Ford Sales and Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Customer Relationship Management
  Chevrolet(Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Sales Skills for Service Advisor
  Captain Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Sales Skill Development
  Thai Ha Public Co., Ltd.   Sales Management
  TPI Polene Public Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  EagleBurgmann (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional and Negotiation
  R S Shutter Co., Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  Thai Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd.   Service Mind
  SGS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.   Sales Management
  Sumitomo Corporation Thailand Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Club 21 Co., Ltd.   Sales Professional
  Bluescope (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Principle of Sales
  Thai Osuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.   Sales Skills
  Siam Daikin Sales Co.,Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  GFA Thailand Co., Ltd.   Customer Relationship Management
  The Siam CPAC Block Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Patkol Public Co., Ltd.   Modern Marketing
  Boonrod Brewery Co., Ltd.   IMC and Sales Technique
  Giffarine Skyline Healthcare Co., Ltd.   Training Program to Develop Sales Professional
  Michelin Siam Group Co., Ltd.   Tele Marketing Project (Continuous courses)
  Udompanich Corporation Ltd.   IMC, Sales Technique
  Air Liquid Co., Ltd.   Customer Service Impression
  The Bangchak Petroleum PLC.   Dealer Management
  DSG International (Thailand) PLC.   Selling Techniques
  Bang Trading 1992 Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Bayer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Persuasion and Negotiation Technique
  Muang Thai Life Assurance Co., Ltd.   Selling Techniques during the Economic Crisis
  Siam Makro Plc.   Selling and Customer Service Technique
  Siam Makro Plc.   Being a Professional Sales Trainer
  Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.   Effective Marketing Tools
  RX Co., Ltd.   Negotiation Techniques
  Akane Insurance Co., Ltd.   Being a Professional Sales Trainer
  Ladda Co., Ltd.   Sales and Marketing Courses to develop Sales' team
  King Power Co., Ltd.   Persuasion and Negotiation Technique
  Jebsen & Jessen Marketing (T) Ltd.   Selling Techniques during the Economic Crisis
  NYK Line (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Guerrilla Marketing
  S.S.L. Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Selling Techqniues for PC
  CP All Plc.   Persuasion and Negotiation Technique
  Suzuki Automobil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Project to develop dealer's sales
  Pichai Fish Sauce Co., Ltd.   Selling Techqniues during the Economic Crisis
  Thai Roong Rueng Chilli Sauce Co., Ltd.   9 Selling Techniques for Close Selling
  Cathay Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Tele-selling Techniques
  Saint-Gobain Weber Co., Ltd.   Consultative Selling Techniques
  Thai Post Co., Ltd.   CRM
  Chaiangmai University   Invited Speaker for MBA
  Great Eastern Drug Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  Thammasat University   Invited lecture on Principle Marketing
  Post International Media Co., Ltd.   Selling Techniques
  Thanulux Plc.   Negotiation Technique
  Seco Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Selling Techqniues and Negotiation Techniques
  Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co., Ltd.   Selling Tecniques
  L'oreal (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Selling Management
  Thai Chamber of Commerce   Key Account Management
  People Synergy Co., Ltd.   Consultative Selling
  Textile Gallery Co., Ltd. (PASAYA)   A Sales Professional
  D4 Consultant Co., Ltd.   Selling and Marketing Courses
  CPF Training Center Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL.   Consultative Selling
  CPF Training Center Co., Ltd.   Technical Sales and Management to meet sales goals
  Science and Technology Association   Selling and Negotiation Techniques
  Ladda Co.,Ltd.   Sales Management
  Betagro Public Co., Ltd.   Customer and Market Analysis
  Betagro Public Co., Ltd.   Techniques to Increase Sales Store
  Betagro Public Co., Ltd.   Art of Negotiation
  Protech Animal Health Co., Ltd.   Seminar of Sales
  Thai Wacoal Public Co., Ltd.   Speedy Revolution: Customer Service
  Nation News Network Co., Ltd.   Key Account Management
  CMC BIOTECH CO., LTD.   Consultative Selling
  Function International Co., Ltd.   Seminar of Sales
  ICC International Public Co., Ltd.   Customer Service
  Scientific Promotion Co.,Ltd.   Selling and Negotiation Techniques
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